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I’m so bad at talking to girls.

4 years of finally trying to get back into a relationship, I get so scared and nervous I don’t know what to say. & I finally find one girl that I find absolutely beautiful, I screw it up. Her laugh is cute, her smile is contagious and she makes me want to just let go of everything I’ve been keeping inside. All my deepest secrets I never tell anyone.

I don’t know… sometimes I feel as if I’m just over thinking things and sometimes I feel I’m just being scared.

I want to be honest and say that I like her but I can’t just say that, can I?

I am just thinking about it too much.

I dreamt about her. I think about her. I think about her smile almost all day. But then I feel like I’m just another guy trying to hit on her so I’m just another ordinary guy.

I want to go back to just thinking about my life… but then I tell myself I’m tired of doing that. I want to have someone else to enjoy my life with.

I want to have someone to call when I come home from work, someone to say good morning to when I wake up to go to work.

I just want to tell her I like her and get it over with. For bad or for worse.

If she feels the same way then great! And if she doesn’t then I can just move on from it,

But I am just too afraid of both responses I don’t know what to do. 

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Did they just…

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